Hand-crafted, Real
Old-fashioned Ice Cream

Moonshine Spirited Ice Cream is a premium brand. Everything about our hand-crafted, alcohol-infused ice creams is different, from our superlative flavours to our unusual (and reusable) glass packaging. We use only the finest-quality natural ingredients in creating our ice creams, and providing you with no less than the best.

Our Decadent And Delectable Flavours

Premium, hand-crafted ice cream with no artificial flavours or ingredients

vodka-infused vanilla flavoured ice cream
Vodka-infused Vanilla
There’s nothing vanilla about our vanilla … Rich and a little spicy, with a clean vodka bite, it’s perfects on its own or with a dessert.
orange cinnamon tequila ice cream
Tequila Orange Cinnamon
We took one of our favourite shot combos and turned it into an ice cream. Fresh, citrusy and spicy, it’s a taste of summer and good times.
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Tipsy Irish Coffee
Imagine a lovely, strong Irish coffee, all cream and whisky and espresso. Now imagine it in a deliciously rich ice cream.
salted mealie brandy ice cream flavour
Salted Mealie Brandy
Yeah, we know it’s a bit odd, but tasters are believers. That delicate balance of flaky salt and sweet, sweet corn wins every time!
chilli chocolate voda ice cream flavour
Chilli Chocolate Vodka
So who doesn’t love chocolate ice cream? Ours is rich, chocolate-y and spicy – with a light chilli tingle that delights the senses.
moonshine ice cream south africa
Watch This Space!
We are continually experimenting with new flavour combinations, to add to our exciting range. When we do, you’ll be the first to know …
Moonshine Spirited Ice Cream

Laszlo Bene

willem steenkamp

Willem Steenkamp

The Story Of
Moonshine Spirited Ice Cream

Moonshine Spirited Ice Cream was established in 2018 by us, Laszlo Bene and Willem Steenkamp, because we love sharing fantastic food. It started out as a dinner party dessert experiment, a single flavour, which led to more flavours – and then a lightbulb moment. Before we knew it, we’d developed a range of flavours and were subjecting our sometimes not-so-willing friends to tastings. Bless them, they’ve really helped us become who we are today.

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The Moonshine Experience

The Right Texture
It's just got to feel right
Perhaps more important than an ice cream’s flavour is its texture. It doesn’t matter how great an ice cream tastes if it’s thin or icy. Moonshine Spirited Ice Cream is rich and creamy, light and smooth. Every spoonful is a melt-in-your-mouth delight.
The Correct Portion
Remember: sharing is caring
Our 125ml jars are the equivalent of two scoops of ice cream, which is just the right portion for one. Or for twice the fun, you and a very good friend could each get a different flavour and share …
Flavour With Flair
A taste-filled experience
There’s nothing really new under the sun. It’s how you put it all together that makes all the difference. Our flavours are bold, three-dimensional, out of the box – and quite unlike anything you’ve tasted before. You’ll smile.

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Vodka-infused vanilla ice cream