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There’s nothing vanilla about our vanilla … Rich and a little spicy, with a clean vodka bite, it’s perfect any which way.
One of our favourite shot combos turned it into an ice cream. Fresh, citrusy and spicy, a taste of summer & good times.
Imagine a lovely, strong Irish coffee - in a deliciously rich ice cream. And this is why this is one of our best sellers.
Yeah, we know it’s a bit odd, but tasters are believes. That delicate balance of flaky salt corn wins every time!
Who doesn’t love chocolate ice cream? Ours is rich and  chocolate-y with a light chilli tingle that delights the senses.
We are continually experimenting with new combinations, developing new recipes to add to our exciting range.

Delivery available for orders of 10+ within a radius of 25kms from Melville, Johannesburg. 

For those of you further afield, please visit our Outlets to purchase your favourite Moonshine Spirited Ice Cream or Get In Touch for a quote on delivery costs.

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